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Built Around Your Needs

Commercial Building Inspections

Our commercial property assessments are not one-size fits all. We build each inspection around your needs, your purposes for the building, and around the building itself.

We are well versed in many different kinds of commercial properties, building styles, and the components therein. 

We thoroughly inspect each property and provide you with a comprehensive inspection report that helps you fully understand the condition of your building, and any maintenance or repairs needed.

We work hard to help and protect our clients and their investment, and we have a long list of happy clients.

Thorough Inspections

Proven Processes

We inspect each property as a unique building, and there is no cookie-cutter checklist. We do have a proven process to help us understand your building and inspect it properly though.

We start on the exterior of the building. We examine the parking lot(s), site drainage, lighting, roofing, and more. The roof is where we pay special attention on most buildings. We inspect the roof membrane, gutters, roof mounted appliances, and roof penetrations. Also on the exterior are the windows, doors, steps and railings, and ADA compliance issues.

Inside your building, our inspections include all floors, walls, ceilings and coverings. Windows will be opened and closed and doors will be tested to ensure door fit and the proper operation of locks. We also want to make sure emergency egresses and push bars are functioning properly. Also, emergency lighting is very important.

The mechanical systems are tested, this means the plumbing including all faucets, drains, fixtures, water heater and even the shower pans are inspected, water pressure testing is also done at this time.

Electrical from where the service enters the building right down to the breaker panel will be inspected including outlets, switches and light fixtures. Smoke detectors and CO2 detectors are tested at this time. If your building has 3-phase or more, we will be able to help you understand this aspect as well.

HVAC inspecting is done to assure you your forced air furnace, boiler and central air conditioner are operating as they should be.

Energy efficiency is also checked to a certain degree, as these are important factors for you as a building owner.

A complete commercial building inspection will cover all the items mentioned above and more.